Professional Foundation Settlement Repair

Foundation settlement is a structural problem that can occur when the soil that is supporting your home can no longer support the weight of the structure. There are a number of causes for this ranging from washout to poor soil preparation before construction. Over time as the soil beneath your home becomes unable to support the weight of the structure your foundation can settle causing a number of other issues including water intrusion and bowed basement walls. If left alone your home can experience major foundation issues and may even cause permanent damage to the rest of your home.

If you have concerns that your foundation may be settling, feel free to contact us to have your foundation checked for possible issues.

Common Foundation Problems

foundation cracks

Foundation Settlement can happen very fast, and also very slow. It all depends on the situation. Even if your home is newly completed, it could still be subject to Foundation Settlement. There are many causes as to why this may happen. Here are a few:

  • Improper Drainage: This can occur if your drainage system is not operating as it should, or just isn’t sufficient for your given home and can’t keep up. This lack of sufficiency in the drainage system can put extra pressure on the foundation.

  • Soil Conditions- The Soil in Michigan is typically clay-rich, and tend to contract and expand more frequently than other soils, and have the possibility of creating voids underneath the building.

  • Building Site Preparation- The soil that was compacted during construction could have been improperly done, thus resulting in soil which may be unstable, and cause issues with settling.

  • Transpiration- The bigger the plant, the more water it requires to maintain it’s size. This is the case with trees as they are often very large. Their roots may remove large amounts of moisture from the soil around them, which can cause the soil under or beside your home to contract and form voids in your soil.

  • Evaporation- Temperatures which are Extreme can also cause soil to contract and expand, which may also cause issues with voids.

Our Foundation Settlement Solutions

A possible solution for your settling foundation is Piering. Piering involves driving a tube of steel into the ground until they reach more stable soil or bedrock. They are attached to the foundation. This ensures the weight of the structure is then transferred over to the piers which will prevent future settlement problems.

French Drain

The best method for repairing a sinking or settling foundation is through the use of foundation piers. These piers are strong steel tubes that are driven deep into the soil until they reach a supporting material or bedrock and are attached to the foundation. The weight of the home or building is then transferred from the soil beneath your home to these piers which will prevent any settlement issues. These piers also bring your home back to its proper level ensuring that no cracks or other issues occur.

  • Piers are installed directly under the load – no offset loading
  • Able to be installed via the interior or exterior of the structure
  • Unique interlocking high-strength steel system
  • Footing is kept intact – no breaking or usage of brackets or bolts
  • Deepest driven pier on the market
push piers

Trust Our Experts To Repair Your Settling Foundation

Our experts at DryDryDry know what it takes to properly repair a settling foundation and can handle jobs of any size. Our technicians can provide you with an inspection and free estimate on foundation repairs for your home. Call us at 313-495-7923 or contact us online to set up an appointment.

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