Professional Bowed Wall Repair Services in Southeastern Michigan

Bowed or buckling walls are an issue which if neglected can cause complete foundation failure, which requires a foundation replacement, or reconstruction. The water levels which are in the soil put a pressure on your basement walls called hydrostatic pressure. This can cause your basement walls to bow inward over time. In addition to this bowed basement walls can cause other foundation issues such as foundation cracks and basement flooding. In Michigan, this is a fairly common problem we have seen as the cause of bowed walls. We at DryDryDry recommend that if you see that one of your basement walls are cracking or bowing, to contact us as soon as possible so we can get someone out to your home to evaluate it’s current state and urgency.

What causes Walls to bow?

repairing bowed foundation walls

There are many signs which can cause your walls to bow, and push inwards into your basement. A lot of times, it may go unnoticed in a finished basement until there is a basement waterproofing issue. Sometimes, though, if caught early on, you may not require a basement waterproofing system at all, due to our foundation repair fixing the leak before it is allowed to begin. Bowed Walls are typically identified by horizontal cracks which follow the length of the wall. You should be able to tell that wall is bowed, also, by it pushing inwards into the living space.

How are Bowed Walls repaired?

There are three popular options which we may decide to employ for bowed walls, depending on the situation, and it’s severity, and what the walls are constructed from.

wall anchors

Wall Anchors

Wall anchors are engineered to stabilize a basement wall which is failing. They typically are made from 3 different parts: Wall plate, anchor, and a steel rod connecting both the Wall plate and anchor together in unity. The rod is tightened, and this puts counter pressure on the bowed in wall in order to push it back into its original place. This is typically a permanent repair and should hold up for a very long time.

Carbon Fiber Strips

Previously, Steel was the material of choice for strength, especially for Foundation Repair. However, Carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel. So, Although it is a more expensive material per pound, it is stronger for its size, being thinner per strand than a human hair. Because of this, Carbon fiber will leave a smaller footprint when used and have a much longer lasting effect. The Fiber is held to the wall with a high strength epoxy, and allowed to cure.

steel beams


I-beams are another way of repairing a bowed wall. These are typically installed when Carbon Fiber is not an ideal solution and your basement will work better with it. These are very thick and very unlikely to warp over time. I-beams are attached at a steel plate at the top and bottom of the wall. I-beams can come in all different sizes, so it is flexible for many different situations. This method has been used to correct even some of the most severely bowed walls.

Do I need Bowed Wall Repair?

We at DryDryDry recommend that if you see that one of your basement walls are cracking or bowing, to contact us by phone at 313-495-7923 or online as soon as possible so we can get someone out to your home to evaluate it’s current state and urgency.

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