How Foam Lifting Works

Our experts at DryDryDry trust the foam-lifting concrete lifting technique more than any other technique on the market. This is due to the overall durability and versatility of the foam-lifting method. With the foam-lifting method, we can raise concrete slabs as large as a parking lot and as small as a stepping stone. The unique qualities of polyurethane foam make it:

  • Environmentally safe
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof to prevent future erosion
  • Quick and without mess
  • A permanent solution!

In other words, foam-lifting takes the original concept of mudjacking and combines it with modern knowledge and technology.

Foam-lifting not only results in a solution that lasts longer but is also less destructive to the applied surface. Mudjacking uses a heavier fill to level the surface and requires a larger quantity and larger size of injection hole.

The Concrete lifting Process

The process of lifing concrete is fairly straight forward and simple but it must be done precisely and by trained professionals who know what to look for and how to properly implement the process. Take a look below at our simple 7 step process to concrete lifting.

  1. The technician walks around to assess the repair plan
  2. Binding concerns will be cut free
  3. Taping of areas where the polymer may exit from
  4. 5/8” holes are drilled strategically into the concrete surface
  5. Structural Polymer is injected under the concrete slab
  6. Concrete slab raised to level
  7. We patch the holes we drilled

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Foundation Repair in Detroit, MI
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